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Versace Pool
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Four years ago this past July, the great fashion designer, Gianni Versace, was gunned down in front of his Miami Beach home.  His genius will be missed.  Below are two pictures of the pool at one of Versace's many beautiful homes.  

The pool in these photos demonstrate the beauty of using tile as an interior finish in a pool.  While tiling the interior of a pool adds significant cost to a pool project, it is becoming more common place to find tile finishes in less expensive pools.  If a tile finish on your existing or next pool sounds intriguing, please contact us at Avalon Pools to discuss all the possibilities of this beautiful option.

For another example of the beauty of tile pools, click here to see the stunning beauty of the Belagio Hotel pool in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Also, check out our website at for more examples.

These photos, and many others, can be found at Enjoy!




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